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Director. 3D Generalist. Motion Designer 
I work in the 3D and Motion Graphics business since 2009. Had the opportunity to learn from one of the animation master responsible for Cartoon Network Brazil short spots, Daniel Messias, on my first field job and stayed with him for a while. From there I had lots of opportunities and worked on institutional videos, augmented reality models and gave CG classes to adults.
With a clear understanding of a pipeline production thanks to my experience  on each step, from the conception of the storyboard to the 3D (modeling, texture, rigging and animation) and post production. On my last job I was able to develop those skills even further as an animation director to ASB, managing multiple spots at once and coordinating teams. I was responsible to translate the client’s scripts into animated animatics, concepting the storyboards and overseeing the animated production, it was my duty to insure the acting, rhythm and understanding of the story was clear and had quality.
In Brazil the business demand us to have a wide range of skills, which made me a curious person, always wanting to learn new things and improve myself. I am currently studying Unreal 4 and Unity to have a better understanding of gaming pipeline and virtual reality.


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